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Where we help you walk hand in hand through your gift and self discovery and help you package the different gifts you have in a unique, useful and profitable way to the world.
If you have a talent or various talent and you don't know exactly how to put it into profitable execution to produce fruits to God and to the world, we help you walk through that process patiently and with a definite vision of achieving who exactly you are supposed to be.



Because, life comes with a lot of complications and challenges sometimes, we have a fully equipped Counseling organization that has been set up to help you detox, help you shave out damages and baggage's from your past  hindering you from your Destined Designed Future and help shape you up for the woman you are meant to be and you really are. With our Trained Counselors and ever relevant packages, we help you with whatever your challenges may be as an individual or as a couple to be able to help you move past life hindrances and be ready to move into your original design for your destiny.


“It's refreshing to be in the company of women of like-mind and having an open platform to ask hard questions ”

It has helped me make crucial decisions and avoid a lot of mistakes. I really thank God for Miss Nkechi!”

Chiamaka Anne, Working in an organization Uyo

Raji Tomisin, Student Afe Babalola University

“Understanding the beauty of maximizing your single days for Christ and purpose, and know the purpose of the relationship. Keep soaring high! I hope to be in a live meeting one day.”

Dee, Self Employed

“TQWN is such an amazing platform. It has created a HUGE transfor-mation in my life. ”

Busayo Oyinloye, Student Lagos

“TQWN has always been refreshing. The various questions answered have been very insightful and I am putting them to practice ”

“It has prepared me for an amazing relationship”

Kemi Lawal, Working in an Organization in Lagos

Taiwo Ifejesu Grace, Student Ogun State

Through TQWN I've been able to connect with God and I'm on my pur-pose discovery journey”

Omobude Blessing, Student

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