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Lifeversity, Life Coach with experience


Destiny Design Workroom (DDW): A Lifeversity (Life University) for Women with a Life, Self and Gift intense training aimed at orientating ladies to understand the original design for their destinies, by getting to understand the Destiny Designer and Design, understand themselves, gifts and potentials, and use it in the right way just as God planned originally when He created them and sent them to earth.

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To help orientate and re-orientate ladies about what the original design of God is for their lives and how to work towards achieving it, through the training, Workroom and personal sessions we have with them.


To help women live out their gifts according to the original fashion God designed for them to live it out, according to his exact pattern, val-ues and design for their fruit flourishing while here on earth.

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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Nkechi Emmanuel-Layode is a Fun, Loving, Interesting, Intelligent and Wise Multi-Influential Woman who is invested in using her gifts and ultimately her life in serving Jesus Christ via the Various Expressions and Platforms he has provided and presented to her.

Nkechi is The Woman Distinctiveness Teacher who is Author of 4 Exceptional books out of many more to come, on Self Discovery, Comparison, Purpose and Relationship.
The Relationship Questionnaire, Purpose is in Pieces, The Fullness of YOU and Enjoying Her. 

She continues to commit her Time, Treasures and Talents to serving(Training, Teaching, Tutoring) Women and Families and no matter how tasking it gets, this is what Nkechi was created for and would rather do than anything else. 

Because of her call and passion for Women she founded Wondiva Global Community in 2016,
A Network and Community that helps Women Understand their Distinctiveness, See themselves the way God sees them and Pattern their Lives according to God's Pattern for Them.

Destiny Design Workroom Lifeversity in 2016
A Coaching and Counseling Organization for Women with a Life, Self and Gift Intense Training aimed at Orientation and Training Ladies to Live to their Life's Peak.
Destiny Design Workroom Lifeversity also has a Sister Company The Questionnaire with Nkechi a Counseling Centre for all things Love, Romance and Relationship providing couples with Real Tools that work in Real Life through the Right Counsel, Answer and Solution. 

 and Bloom Woman in 2018,
An Organization for Single Mothers to Equip them Ready for a Standard, Healthy and Whole Family Life, with the right Trainings and Environment specifically suited for their Unique Situation and their Growth. 

All organizations Catering to Spiritual, Emotional, Psychological, Financial, Marital, Physical needs of Women from diverse backgrounds including, Single Mothers, Students, Nigerian Women in Dispora, African Women, Business Women, Career Women, Wives and more. 

In 2019,
She was Awarded The "BECOMING WOMAN of EXCELLENCE AWARD" by The Beautified Network founded by Funto Ibuoye. 

She is a Certified COUNSELOR who has about 4 years of Counseling Young Women and Young Couples and Nkechi has gone on to create Courses and Pre-Marital Materials to help equip women and young couples to Marry Right and Marry Well. 

Nkechi likes to do many things, but two of the dearest thing to her heart that Nkechi is Convincingly Passionate about is helping Women Find, Understand and Become their "FULL Self" and Helping Women get into the Right Relationship, through the programs Get out of the Wrong Relationship and Partner Design (Marry The Right Fit Partner for You)

She wakes up daily to make sure that this happens in the life of Women and Couples Weekly. 

Very Interesting things you may not know about Nkechi and you may like to know is that;

Nkechi is a Radio and TV TalkShow Host who brings Vigor and Meaning to whatever show she is hosting/co-hosting.
She is Currently The Co-Host of "Let's Talk" Show on SuperScreen TV Airing on UHF 45, Startimes 173 in Nigeria and Uploaded Weekly on YouTube for those outside of Nigeria.

Nkechi can actually sing really well and Nkechi really loves to Dance!

She is Married to her Best Friend and Spirit Design, Funsho Emmanuel-Layode and together they are Busy Building and Establishing God's Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven. 

There's so much more to learn about Nkechi that can't be learnt here, so just get to her pages and feel free to send her a message at anytime!

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Social Worker/Program Manager, Nigeria

Tinuola is a passionate lover of God and Humanity. My passion over time has led me to organizing seminars for Teenagers and young adults. I currently work for Mamalette (NGO) aimed at reducing maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria. I live in Lagos, I write, I speakand I motivate.


Real life tools that work



Second edition of our annual DDW program which takes place every December


Third edition of DDW's annual program



An extended program all for your benefit



Funsho Laniyan

DDW made me more informed about myself and I am very grateful for that. And I have been working in line with the things learnt. I am still a work in progress but I know I am on the right track

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